When we first strode the boards of what would become Red Star Flats, we saw a cosmetic wreck. It was clear that the building had seen better days. But this turn-of-the-century former garment factory… paint warehouse… furniture store… soon revealed a structural heart that still beat with vitality. They made them well back then, and the building’s foundation and walls were so sound that we immediately foresaw its return to glory.

Our restoration philosophy is one of modern industrialism. Wherever possible—and the building still had a lot of possible—we strove to leave original architectural accents visible. Open ceilings, exposed brick, pipes and ductwork, columns and beams are presented proudly, not hidden behind layers of drywall. At ground level, we revived the building’s original southern yellow pine floors. Above, its 1940s maple veritably glows in abundant natural light from giant antique windows. We eschewed the dorm-style, pack-em-in philosophy, which some other buildings seem to embrace. Instead, we decided to respect her open-floor heritage, leaving a sense of spaciousness intact and opting for fewer units overall.

But while respecting her 100-year heritage was important, this is after all a new millennium. At Red Star Flats, you don’t have to sacrifice 21st-century comfort and utility. We outfitted every unit with custom lighting, large kitchens tailor made for cooking and entertaining, granite counters, Energy Star appliances, ceiling fans, full-size washer/dryers, custom cabinetry and—in all 2nd and 3rd-floor units—tiled bathrooms.

In adhering religiously to our renovation sensibilities, we ensured that Red Star Flats remains an indelible piece of Lynchburg’s past. We hope it’s also your future.

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